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We have more than 30 years of experience

Did you know that your dental health directly affects your general health? This is our exact approach. We do a thorough review of your oral health and provide you with the treatment plan that improves not only dental aspect but also a general wellbeing. Such approach has earned our practice unique success and excellent results and recognition by thousands of patients around the world.

Our appointments generally last more than an hour. We take time to do our procedures. We promise to give you our full attention while you visit our office. We don't rush. We simply do all procedures right!

We promise to be part of your success. We work together to give you an ideal smile, confidence and optimal dental health. Call us today and book appointment to feel the difference.



Having chronic pain?
Let us help you rid of it!

We eliminate chronic pain in head, neck and shoulder area by correcting your bite. We are extremely successful in putting muscles in position where they are not chronically tight and tense.


Not satisfied with your dentist?
We know how to fix it!

With over 30 years experience - we have seen it all! Decades of extensive experience in conjunction with the latest technology allows us to quickly and correctly establish proper treatment plan and correct any visible and not visible dental problems.


Why do it twice?
Our work simply lasts longer!

Our patients don't leave us. They tell us that our work lasts longer. Why? Because we take time to do it right.

Our Promise to You


  • To provide consistent good quality care that meets our patient’s needs and our professional standards.
  • To maintain our knowledge and competence as dental professionals.
  • To provide our patients with all necessary information to help them make decisions on their dental care and that we respect those choices.
  • To put our patients interests first and act to protect them.
  • To ensure our patients are treated with honestly and integrity