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Face lift

Latest bio-engineering in the world the plate rich Plasma face lift

Do you want look younger but afraid of plastic surgery? Now we know exactly how to make your dreams true! Do not worry we are not going to offer you Botox ( the drug made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum) or other similar products. We have found something new and special for you!
"What is this?"- you will ask.
This is the Latest bio-engineering in the world the plate rich Plasma face lift or so called PRP.
PRP is a natural product created from your own body.
"What do you mean?" -you will say.
A small amount of blood is drawn from you (straight in our office ) and placed in a sterile tube in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood. Usually it takes around 30 minutes. In 30 minutes your own plate rich plasma is ready. For a long time PRP has been using in orthopedic medicine, dentistry, and reconstructive surgery, and now it has been applied to other fields of medicine such as dermatology and cosmetology.
The treatment is ideal for individuals looking for gradual but noticeable improvement in skin texture, tone and colour with minimal downtime.The results give you a fresher and healthier appearance, also It helps eliminating skin wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin, improves the appearance in those with acne scarring, and hastens the healing process after a facial peel. If you are looking for a natural approach to volumise the face - this is for you!
Common areas where it is used include sun-damaged and prematurely aged skin on cheeks and mid-face, jaw line, sagging skin on the neck, back of the hands and décolletage.
For best results, patient should have up to three treatments: the First one,the Second one ( in a week) and the Third one ( in a month ). Improvement in the skin texture is noticeable within the first two months while full collagen regeneration takes time.The result lasts from one to three years,as new collagen production continues to improve the overall appearance of the dermis.
There is no risk for rejection,infection or an allergic reaction because the filler is made from your own blood. The skin might appear slightly sunburnt for up to 48 hours with little or no associated discomfort. Mild swelling which may last for 3-7 days, redness, or bruising fade within 1-3 days are uncommon. Patients can expect to see better results as they receive more treatments.