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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a specialty of Dr. Fundaminsky, and his patients who have them rave that is like having their own teeth back - but even better, as there is no more pain from tooth decay or misalignment of their bite. With Implants, patients can eat anything, including all those foods that make denture wearers suffer the most, or that cause problems the dentist must repair. Best of all, Implants leave the patient free of gum disease and prevent bone loss - the two greatest problems of those who still use antiquated dentures. With Implants, Dr. Fundaminsky can give you virtually trouble free teeth that last up to fifteen years or more, without needing to be replaced.

You never again  have to worry about the humiliation of being caught unexpectedly with your dentures removed. But the most important benefit of Implants is that, unlike dentures, they feel just like they are your own teeth, leaving you free to smile with absolute confidence. In fact, many of Dr. Fundaminsky’s patients are thrilled to find that with implants they have a more beautiful smile than they ever had with their own teeth!

Minimally invasive reconstructive implant surgery by Doctor Fundaminsky.

Implant placement by Piezo Technique