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General Dentistry

Dr. Fundaminsky is highly skilled in all areas of today’s latest dental techniques including:



Electrosurgery has been used in dentistry for more than half a century. During the past three decades, a substantial increase in minimally invasive surgery and microvascular surgery prompted greater use of electrosurgery. Although this surge in utilization has resulted in new applications, equipment features, problems and solutions, the use of electrosurgery in the field of restorative dentistry has remained relatively unchanged. 


Full mouth reconstruction is one of the most effective methods to restore severe worn teeth that have suffered reduced vertical dimension.


Dental implants replace missing teeth and are an alternative to complex restorative treatment on your natural teeth, such as conventional bridges and dentures. Dental Implants are constructed from Titanium and each implant is placed directly into your jawbone.  Dental implants are safe, non-toxic, and biocompatible, with your bone growing around the implant and osseointegrating into the fixture itself.


Once you’ve decided to have porcelain crowns placed, you will schedule two visits to our practice. During the first visit, Dr.Fundaminsky will make a mold of your teeth for the dental laboratory. Using the latest computer-aided technology, the laboratory will custom-craft your porcelain crowns according to the precise specifications provided by Dr. Fundaminsky. Temporary crowns may be placed during your first visit to protect the affected teeth while the lab fabricates your permanent crowns.Once your porcelain crowns have been crafted, you will return to our office for their placement. The crowns will be bonded to your teeth with a special adhesive. During the entire process,Dr. Fundaminsky uses pain-free dentistry techniques to make certain that you are comfortable and relaxed.Damaged teeth can be the source of both physical and aesthetic problems, both of which can be addressed with the placement of porcelain crowns. The porcelain is color-matched to surrounding natural teeth to make the crowns a virtually undetectable part of your smile. The crowns also add strength and restore functionality to damaged teeth. With the proper care, porcelain crowns can last for up to 20 years.


A root canal, also called endodontic therapy, treats teeth that have become severely damaged, allowing the nerves and soft inner pulp of the tooth to become infected. Your dentist may also recommend a root canal if a tooth has become so damaged or decayed that future infection appears inevitable. Root canals have a reputation for being painful, but modern endodontic techniques and anesthetics make the procedure no more uncomfortable than having a tooth filled. After completing the root canal, the tooth will also need a crown or filling to complete the restoration.Dr. Fundaminsky performs Extractions and Root Canal Therapy, but first he will use all of his vast skill to try and save your own teeth, and considers Tooth Extraction and Root Canals as something to be performed after all wiser and more effective methods have been used to allow you to keep your own teeth.


Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. Cavities, also called tooth decay or caries, are caused by a combination of factors, including bacteria in your mouth, frequent snacking, sipping sugary drinks, and not cleaning your teeth well.Dr. Fundaminsky removing decay very conservatively to save tooth structure that makes longevity of his work almost permanent.