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I have been one of Dr. Fundaminsky's professional mentors ever since he came to the United States in 1974, and continuing up to the present time. Dr. Gennady Fundaminsky spent 2 years (1974-76) in my office learning to perform high quality occlusion (bite) based restorative dentistry as practiced by the best trained and best skilled clinicians. I can attest that Dr. Gennady Fundaminsky understands the principles that many of today's practicing dentists and laboratory technicians unfortunately do not understand, such as, the role of occlusal plane orientation, anterior guidance and occlusal stability to the overall proper functioning of the mouth, tempromandibular joints and jaw muscles.
Anyone reading this commentary is free to contact me via email at drrobertgarfield@aol.com and request a copy of my CV. Robert Garfield, DDS
Robert E. Garfield, DDS


Dr. Fundaminsky is highly professional, a perfectionist and truly dedicated to his patients.  Those are the most important characteristics I must say about Dr. Fundaminsky. Our family has been seeing him for close to twenty years now. Once you become his patient, you understand why his dentistry is exquisite. He explains to you what dental work needs to be done to last for many years. He will not only take care of pain, broken teeth, or more serious problems, but he will make sure that after the treatment is completed, your bite is adjusted and does not cause any damage to other teeth. When you leave his office, you have healthy teeth, a beautiful smile and look young. You will be confident that the work he did will last. I also love his beautiful office, very modern and immaculately clean, as well as his very friendly and kind assistant Angela.

Thank you, Dr. Fundaminsky, for taking care of our teeth, and therefore our health.

Liv Y. Orange County, CA.


Dr. Fundaminsky has saved both me and my husband from unnecessary dental work. I went to see Dr. Funadminsky to get some bonding repaired from a previous dentist's work. He noticed I had some old silver fillings and didn't like the looks of one in particular. Sure enough when he removed it, he discovered secondary decay. Yikes! Thank goodness he pays attention and practices good preventive care or else I have no idea how long that would've been left to fester. Eww! My husband is equally grateful for getting a second opinion from Dr. Fundaminsky on a toothache he had had for a month. He originally went to see another dentist (actually a friend of ours!) who said he most likely needed a root canal. When my husband came to see Dr. Fundaminsky, he was outraged to hear what the other dentist suggested upon looking at his teeth. Fundaminsky said there was no way, even to suggest, that my husband would need a root canal. He fixed it without the root canal and my husband hasn't had a problem since! Phew! Thanks for saving our teeth and wallets!

As for the previous review, I'm not sure what happened, but I know that I've had bonding on my four front teeth and have had to do a few repairs over the past 5 years from my previous dentist. Dr. Fundaminsky had to go in twice to get my bonding right but that is because of the subpar job of my orthodontist. To make a tooth look aesthetically nice looking while not interfering with your natural bite, all while having an incorrect bite in the first place can be tricky with some patients. Nonetheless, my bonding work has held up with Fundaminsky. He is also a very straightforward person and takes his profession very seriously.

The take-away is that Dr. Fundaminsky goes in and tackles problem areas before they become bigger problems while avoiding unnecessary and overly aggressive procedures. I trust that I will have my teeth into old age as long as I'm going to see Dr. Fundaminsky!!

Jennifer S. Los Angeles, CA.


Dr. Fundaminsky is the best. Genetically, I do not have the best teeth, so through the years I had to go to many dentists to maintain the health of my teeth and I've been to the best of them. During this time, I had a lot of different procedures done.

Sometime last September I starting having very severe headaches and pain on one side of my face, the pain was so debilitating that I would pass out from it. I went to see my old dentist who said that I needed another root canal to kill yet another tooth. I could not deal with it anymore. I thought pretty soon I will have no live teeth, so I went for a second opinion to Dr. Fundaminsky.

When I met Dr. Fundaminsky for the first time, he took a look in my mouth and right away he could tell what the problem was and why I was having all the pain. He said that I do NOT need a root canal, the tooth that hurts is not the problem. The problem is that most dentists see the trees, but not the forest. They treat teeth one at a time not taking into consideration the whole mouth. Dr. Fundaminsky explained that my bite was all wrong and that was causing all the pain. He explained that I was not really chewing my food because the teeth do not even touch each other when my mouth is closed.

So, since September, Dr. Fundaminsky reconstructed my whole mouth, put it all together like it was supposed to be in the first place. He did not have to do a root canal, I do not have any more headaches, I can chew on both sides of my mouth equally and comfortably and I feel and sleep much better than I ever used to.

Dr. Fundaminsky saved me from a life of misery. He is the best dentist I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot of them). Dr. Fundaminsky is very passionate about his field of work, he thinks of it as art, and it is like art in many ways. His skill level is unprecedented and I would recommend him to anyone.

Gina L. Beverly Hills, CA.

I have been through a lot of dentists in LA, but Dr. Fundaminsky is simply the best doctor in LA! You are lucky if you met him !
His methods are unique , his knowledge is unmeasurable , he is highly skilled , his root canals are work of art , he is paying attention to every little detail, he is responsible and honest !
His cosmetic work is absolutely fabulous and 200% better then any other dentist in Beverly Hills!!!
I highly recommend this " Pure Treasure Doctor " to anyone in a world .
You will never be disappointed!

Elena Ganjoula
Treatment Length with Dr. Fundaminsky: Since 2007 .

What is the price of a winning smile? For me it was time spent getting to know my dentist and the process of teeth placement. While not through yet,I am so pleased with the results,both my wife and I can't stop smiling!!! Dentist to the Celebrities,INDEED!

Richard Gant.

I have had three implants placed by Dr. Fundaminsky and each one was a masterpiece. Besides his technical expertise, which was impeccable, the results were outstanding. Good dental care is hard to find these days, and Dr. Fundaminsky and his team are the best in the business. Dr. Fundaminsky is godsend! His training and experience are of the highest standards. His continued practice extends to 30 plus years so you can confidently and comfortably put your expectations into his proficient hands. Not surprising his technique is unique in the industry of implants; there are no sutures, no pain, and no swelling and perfect byte results. He even called me after each surgery to clear up any issues regarding my treatment... For a top notch doctor to give you his time on the phone speaks a lot about his caliber as a professional and a human being. Dr. Fundaminsky specializes in delivering genuine and compassionate care while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism. He goes above and beyond to achieve excellence in dental care