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Dr. Fundaminsky has saved both me and my husband from unnecessary dental work. I went to see Dr. Funadminsky to get some bonding repaired from a previous dentist's work. He noticed I had some old silver fillings and didn't like the looks of one in particular. Sure enough when he removed it, he discovered secondary decay. Yikes! Thank goodness he pays attention and practices good preventive care or else I have no idea how long that would've been left to fester. Eww! My husband is equally grateful for getting a second opinion from Dr. Fundaminsky on a toothache he had had for a month. He originally went to see another dentist (actually a friend of ours!) who said he most likely needed a root canal. When my husband came to see Dr. Fundaminsky, he was outraged to hear what the other dentist suggested upon looking at his teeth. Fundaminsky said there was no way, even to suggest, that my husband would need a root canal. He fixed it without the root canal and my husband hasn't had a problem since! Phew! Thanks for saving our teeth and wallets!

As for the previous review, I'm not sure what happened, but I know that I've had bonding on my four front teeth and have had to do a few repairs over the past 5 years from my previous dentist. Dr. Fundaminsky had to go in twice to get my bonding right but that is because of the subpar job of my orthodontist. To make a tooth look aesthetically nice looking while not interfering with your natural bite, all while having an incorrect bite in the first place can be tricky with some patients. Nonetheless, my bonding work has held up with Fundaminsky. He is also a very straightforward person and takes his profession very seriously. 

The take-away is that Dr. Fundaminsky goes in and tackles problem areas before they become bigger problems while avoiding unnecessary and overly aggressive procedures. I trust that I will have my teeth into old age as long as I'm going to see Dr. Fundaminsky!!

Jennifer S. Los Angeles, CA,